Buy gorgeous Reborn Baby boy and girls at discount prices. Large collection of fake reborn dolls as well as baby clothing, supplies and kits for sale. Also informative tips on buying and collecting lifelike reborns.
Reborn Babies dolls also known as “Fake Babies” dolls are for sale here at incredibly low prices, many up to 70% OFF! If you are looking for affordable Reborn Babies - Fake Babies Dolls and Accessories, look no further than below!
You can find limited edition, artist, unique, reborn baby girl or fake baby boy dolls below! Some of the very BEST prices and selection for these “fake” baby girl dolls can be found on eBay. And, that is exactly the listings that are being shown below.
Reborn babies are becoming very collectible in the doll industry. Get your reborn fake baby boy or girl, at a price that you desire on eBay! Simply click on any of the links below for more info & more listings. We have included new features for 2014!
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Price: $120.00
Reborn Coco Malu

Reborn Coco Malu

Price: $550.00
Buy It Now: $720.00
Reborn Chicklet by Marita Winters

Reborn Chicklet by Marita Winters

Price: $250.00
Buy It Now: $400.00
Purchasing tips
Reborn babies and incomplete crafting kits are usually found online primarily on ebay, which we have available on our website. The price of a reborn baby ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are many things to examine when purchasing a reborn doll. If the skin tone is too dark then it is considered a blue baby and it indicates that it recieved too much dye. The material used should be light-weight and not shiny. If it is shiny that indicated that doll was washed with acetone before painting, which prevents the color from sticking to the dolls skin. Other features to look for are eye brand, size, fitting, and alignment. Another feature is the quality of paint used for coloring and details are achieved with realistic veins and newborn features.

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